New Social Network for HIV Launches

MyHealthTeams has launched its 22nd social network:, the social network for people living with HIV. HIV is a chronic, lifelong condition. People with HIV often have a compromised immune system, making them prone to other conditions and complications. Stigma also remains a burden for many HIV-positive people. 36.7 million people globally live with HIV. In the U.S. 1.2 million live with HIV, although the annual number of new HIV diagnoses has declined 19% over the past 10 years.

myHIVteam is the online support group and social network for those living with HIV. Members can join and immediately meet people like them who can empathize and understand what they go through, both physically and emotionally. myHIVteam members can ask and answer questions, find local providers, discuss treatments, and meet others by searching by symptom, treatment, or city. Each day members share their ups and downs in a supportive online community.

 MyHealthTeams creates social network apps for people with chronic conditions. myHIVteam is the 22nd network and joins others like MyFibroTeam (113,000 members), MyMSTeam (65,000 members), (48,000 members), MyEpilepsyTeam (29,000 members), and MyParkinsonsTeam (20,000 members). View MyHealthTeams’ latest social network apps here.

If you live with HIV, sign-up to meet and learn from others like you: