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Announcing MyHemophiliaTeam – A Free Social Network for People Facing Blood Disorders

We are delighted to announce the launch of MyHemophiliaTeam, a free social network for people facing hemophilia and other blood disorders.   We greatly appreciate the input and advice we’ve received from the people and foundations involved in the blood disorder community.  The single biggest piece of advice we received was to “Be Transparent!”   So here […]

How does a clinical trial work?

“I’ve heard clinical trials can provide alternative treatment options and help benefit advancements in medicine, but what exactly is clinical research and how does it work?” These are questions we hear often as there can be many misconceptions about clinical trials and how they work. Part of CenterWatch’s mission is to help educate patients about […]

Rapidly Growing Social Networks Help People Living with Autoimmune Disease

San Francisco, CA | February 25, 2015 MyHealthTeams (myhealthteams.com), a San Francisco-based company, has launched a variety of social networks to provide support for those living with autoimmune diseases. Through these networks, people are able connect with others who share their same condition. In the past year, MyHealthTeams created a half dozen of large and […]

MyAutismTeam Reaches Major Milestone – 50,000 Parents Nationwide

The social network for parents of children of all ages with autism keeps momentum going   SAN FRANCISCO – November 20, 2013 – MyAutismTeam, the social network for parents of children of all ages with autism, today announced a new milestone of 50,000 registered parents. MyAutismTeam attributes the rapid growth of the social network to […]

MyHealthTeams Survey Finds That State Lines Do Not Impact Where Americans with Pre-Existing Chronic Conditions Seek ObamaCare Information

More than 60% of Americans with a Chronic Health Condition Do Not Think ObamaCare Will Impact the Cost or Amount of Their Insurance Coverage or Costs   San Francisco, CA – October 17, 2013 – MyHealthTeams, the San Francisco-based company that creates social networks for chronic condition communities, today announced results of a new survey […]

MyBCTeam Keeps Momentum Going With 5,000 Strong

San Francisco, CA, October 2, 2013 – On the heels of its first anniversary, MyBCTeam, the social network for women facing breast cancer, celebrates its rapidly growing member base of more than 5,000 women. For women who’ve been newly diagnosed, are in treatment, or post-treatment, MyBCTeam is where women meet other women who’ve been in their shoes.  By finding women just […]

MyMSTeam and MSWorld Announce Alliance

Collaboration Extends Further Support to Multiple Sclerosis Community San Francisco, CA; September 10, 2013 – MyMSTeam, the social network for those living with multiple sclerosis, announced today that it has formed an alliance with MSWorld, a leading multiple sclerosis support organization and community. Together, the organizations will continue their pledge to empower people living with […]