MyHealthTeams is hiring an all-around 10Xer, who is passionate about empowering people facing chronic health conditions, to join our Alliance Management team in San Francisco. You will help deliver industry-leading results for our industry partnerships with biotechs, pharma, and digital health companies.

In this role you will get exposed to all aspects of our partnerships, from patient research and education, to clinical trials and advertising.  You’ll work closely with our internal team and get time in front of the client.  Our intention is for you to learn the ins and outs of Alliance Management at MyHealthTeams, with an opportunity for full-time employment post graduation.



Responsibilities for the Intern, Alliance Management may include:

  • Creating draft project materials for a variety of partnership engagements. This may include developing outreach strategies and materials to members of our social networks, writing educational information for editorial content on our social networks, designing surveys, and more
  • Developing and launching project materials across partnership engagements. This may include launching outreach materials (such as emails, notifications, and posts) to members of our social networks, building approved editorial content into the social networks themselves, programming surveys and screeners, and more
  • Set up tracking, monitoring, and reporting to internal team and clients on project progress
  • Establishing and maintaining high-touch relationships with external vendors, such as study coordinators at clinical trial sites to ensure referred members are screened for studies
  • Ensuring reliability of own and team’s work through quality control review



With proven ability, the Intern will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn the Alliance Management functions from the bottom up, with an opportunity to lead internal Alliance Management meetings with a cross-functional, senior team
  • Gain mentorship from the senior Alliance Management team
  • Experience the fast-paced and exciting atmosphere of a start-up


Company Vision

MyHealthTeams is a lean (25-person), venture-backed startup that creates social networks for people facing chronic health conditions. We believe that if you’re diagnosed with a disease such as MS, lupus, breast cancer, or diabetes (to name a few), it should be easy to find the best people around to help you. With social networks in 29 different chronic conditions and over 1 million members, MyHealthTeams is the fastest-growing social network in chronic health. Four years from now, if you’re diagnosed with a chronic condition, we believe your doctor will prescribe one of our social networks because being engaged in one of them will actually improve health outcomes for their patients. We develop partnerships that empower and are transparent to our members. The significant interest and early success from our industry partnerships to date prove that we have a business that can “do good” while “doing well.”


Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to