Patient Education & Activation Case Study: Cognition & MS Background

One in six Americans living with MS is a member of MyMSTeam. Biogen wanted to understand the impact of MS on cognitive functioning. Through an 830-person quantitative survey, 52% of members reported “cognitive problems” as a top symptom impacting their lives, but many had been told by their neurologists that cognitive symptoms come later – years after the diagnosis. That appears to be a myth.

Patient Education Gap

Contrary to popular belief that cognitive issues come years after diagnosis, 49% of respondents actually started experiencing cognitive issues before they were even diagnosed with MS. Many are not talking about their cognitive symptoms with their neurologist and are unaware of the actions they can take to preserve brain health.

Addressing the Patient Education Gap on MyMSTeam

The research quickly surfaced an important opportunity to educate consumers about how MS impacts cognitive functioning and how to talk with their neurologists about the symptoms. The result is the “MS & Cognition” Resource Center on MyMSTeam – Sponsored by Biogen. This unbranded resource center addresses four questions: (1) What are the signs and symptoms? (2) What can you do to preserve brain health? (3) What life hacks do other members recommend? (4) What questions should you ask your neurologist?

Immediate Results:

•Over 30,000 diagnosed visitors in the first two months
•Thousands of downloads of doctor discussion guide and tips
•67% mobile engagement and strong time on site
•Strong demand from members for more resources like this


Patient Activation Case Study: Spondyolarthritis, UCB

UCB recognized the need to dramatically improve awareness of Spondyolarthrtis. . We developed the “Spondyolarthritis Resource Center” on MySpondylitisTeam – available online and via mobile app. This collection of custom-created content and tools is easily accessible when and where people are seeking information about the disease. It empowers consumers with knowledge that can help them address the issue sooner – which can be hugely beneficial to their long-term health.

The Resource Center Features:

•What is spondyloarthritis?
•Spondyloarthritis exercise guide for better posture
•Quick Quiz: Could you back pain be inflammatory?
•Doctor discussion guide for your rheumatologist

Immediate Results:

•Activating thousands of people experiencing back pain to take the quiz every month – with 20-30% likely having inflammatory back pain
•Activating these people to visit a rheumatologist

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